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All castings are manufactured by the lost foam process, and its typical advantages are as follows:

  1. High product dimensional accuracy: The accuracy of casting products can reach CT9, while the accuracy of traditional sand casting is generally CT12; castings have good repeatability and have the characteristics of precision casting, so they are also known as "semi-precision casting".

  2. Good surface quality: The molten metal flows under high negative pressure during the pouring process, and the molten metal has strong filling ability. The surface roughness can reach Ra25, and the castings have sharp edges and corners.

  3. High density of castings: The density of lost foam castings is about 3% higher than that of traditional castings. Therefore, the comprehensive mechanical properties of lost foam castings are better than traditional castings.

  4. Good economy: there is no need to take out the mold from the sand mold. The mold design cancels the draft angle. The mold release process causes the phenomenon of fat head and big ears on the casting. The weight of the casting is generally reduced by 3% to 5% compared with traditional casting.

   5. Lost foam casting sand is dry sand without any adhesive, which eliminates all kinds of waste and defects caused by moisture, additives and binders, and fundamentally eliminates the root cause of intrusive pores.

  6. ​​During the pouring process, the molding sand and the molten metal are separated by the coating shell, which eliminates the way of sand hole casting defects.

  7. During the pouring process, the molten metal flows under high negative pressure, the absolute pressure head of the casting is high, the internal shrinkage porosity and shrinkage defects of the casting are small, and the common defects such as cold isolation on the surface of the casting and insufficient pouring are few.

   8. The castings have no flashes and burrs, and the cleaning workload is reduced by more than 50%.

  9. The core-making, core-setting, and box-closing processes have been cancelled, and the casting defects and waste caused by this have been eliminated.

  10. Casting manufacturability is easier to achieve: the riser can be poured in an ideal position, without considering the restriction of parting, mold taking and other factors, reducing the internal defects of the casting.

  11. Low as-cast stress: The negative pressure of the casting is removed within the specified time after pouring, the molding sand is loose, the casting is not restrained during solidification and shrinkage, and the as-cast stress is greatly reduced.

  12. It is easy to realize the metallurgical combination of composite casting (such as the metallurgical combination of the cast steel cooling wall water pipe and the body).

  13. The casting is always in the reducing atmosphere of EPS cracking during the pouring process. When the compound needs to be cast into the casting, the molten metal and the cast material lack oxidation conditions, and the cast object has no oxidation phenomenon.

14. Low labor intensity of employees and high production efficiency: transform casting from an industry with high labor intensity and high requirements on the professional level of practitioners into an industry with very low labor intensity and low professional level for practitioners; simplify and improve the model and modeling process This improves labor efficiency and saves labor costs; one box makes it easier to realize multiple pieces in one box, combined modeling, and improves production efficiency.

   15. Reduce the machining allowance and reduce the processing cost.

  16. The design of parts is not restricted by traditional thinking on the casting process, which liberates the mechanical designer and allows them to freely design the most ideal casting shape according to the working conditions of the parts.

  17. The plant design is simplified and the investment cost is saved. Investment in fixed assets can be reduced by 30-40%, floor space and construction area can be reduced by 30-50%, and power consumption can be reduced by 20%.

  18. Pouring can be realized under micro-seismic state, promote the formation of metallographic structure of castings with special requirements, which is beneficial to fundamentally improve the inherent quality of castings.

  19. Pouring in dry sand, easy to screenout, the casting and sand temperature are synchronized, some material castings can be heat treated with waste heat, which can save a lot of energy and reduce the manufacturing cycle.

  20. The sand processing system is greatly simplified, the sand loss is less, and the sand preparation department and waste sand treatment department are eliminated.

   21. Good working environment for employees, obvious energy saving, less pollution, and environmentally friendly: reduced dust, smoke and noise pollution, improved labor intensity, and transformed the casting industry from male workers into female workers. The melting equipment is good. The intermediate frequency induction furnace is used as the melting equipment. Compared with the cupola melting equipment, it has the following

  22. The low final content of sulfur in the molten iron is conducive to spheroidization. The castings have a high spheroidization level, and can obtain products with higher tensile strength, better elongation, and excellent comprehensive properties of materials.

  23. Due to the strong electromagnetic stirring during the smelting process, the chemical composition of any point of the metal liquid is more uniform, and products with uniform materials can be obtained.

  24. Fast melting speed and high production efficiency.

  25. Good working environment, less environmental pollution, and relatively low requirements for the professional level of practitioners.

  26. It is easy to accurately control the temperature of the furnace, and the most ideal casting temperature can be obtained during casting. This is very beneficial to reduce the gap between the cooling water pipe and the cooling stave body, reduce the thermal barrier of the cooling water pipe, and improve the cooling capacity of the cooling stave. .

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