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Quality policy


Quality concept: No small matter for quality problems

Quality goal: qualified rate of ex-factory products: 100% customer satisfaction rate: 100%

Quality policy: continuous innovation, fine management, continuous improvement, providing world-class products and services


Our company is a professional manufacturer of large-scale, non-standard EPC castings. It produces iron casting cooling staves,steel casting cooling stave, hot blast stove grate and other metallurgical castings, as well as seawater corrosion resistant alloy iron casting castings. The products have good appearance and excellent internal quality ,which is well-known at home and abroad. As a new green casting technology, EPC process has a lot of room for innovation in casting theory and technology development. our company will adhere to technological innovation , continue to improve product quality through continuous technological innovation,we will constantly sum up the management issues occurred in production and quality problems according to the PDCA cycle ,we will achieve continuous improvement of product quality through continuous technological advances, achieve goal to provide world-class products and service for domestic and abroad market.

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