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STNi2Cr alloy cast iron door slot

2020-08-07 11:03

STNi2Cr alloy cast iron gate grooves are widely used in coastal estuary sluices and beach reclamation projects. Our company started to produce the Cao'e River Gate and Jiaxing Dushan Gate in the later period from the Wenzhou Xupu River Project in 2004, the Xinshu River Gate in Lianyungang, and the Qingcaosha Gate in Shanghai. Reservoir Project, Dadaosha Project in Zhejiang, Binhai Gate in Shaoxing, Nantang Middle Gate in Dongtou, Zhujiazhan Sluice, Yongjia Santang Project, Taojialu Gate in Yuyao, Hongjiang Sluice in Jinjiang in Fujian, Zhuyu Sluice in Pingtan, etc.

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